Friday, May 21, 2010


We are changing our original hang tags. They were charming when first penned in my West Hollywood bungalow but now they don't apply. Here's how they read:
You have a Heidi Merrick Dress. It is not perfect. Chances are it was made right in our studio. Much like a couture house. Only we are not a couture house. We are just a house.
We still make a good amount of garments in our downtown studio, but it's not just me and an assistant in my house nor am I exclusively a line of dresses. So, if you know anything about our collection and have an idea for our tags -I welcome it. If we use your wording I will reward you with a dress, or tank or whatever it is from the collection you really want.
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  1. Those are some pretty good stakes; I'll play. How about something like, You have a Heidi Merrick...because you get it.
    or You have a Heidi Merrick; live beautifully.

    I may be back if anything else comes to mind.


  2. How 'bout this?

    Creativity runs strong in my bloodline. Dad builds surfboards. Mom sews. Brother writes. Me? I design and make clothes. And now you hold in your hand a piece from my line. Clothing line, that is. Welcome to the family.