Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Poolside pillows.

Suddenly the winter sun won't stop pouring into the studio, it's the joy and bain of South facing windows. It just makes me want to be in Palm Springs where direct sun feels more appropriate because of the presents of bikinis and pools... Am thinking of my friend Maeve who patiently named the home collection with me while pool side at the Korakia.. oxox


  1. Your Home Collection is SUBLIME. And I will say this again: You are one of a small pool of designers who can use leather tastefully. Any chance you'll add curtains and tie-backs to the collection? No pressure, Baby-Girl, just askin'...

  2. What are tie-backs? Oh no, maybe I'm not fit for this... xoxoxo

  3. Not to worry, Dearie! "Tiebacks" are strips of cloth or cord used for holding (or "tying back") drapes to the sides of windows. They're a form of window treatment detail; think of them as belts for curtains!